Candid vs. Voyeurism


AlwaysCute! as a candid website does not contain any type of materials that invade the privacy of the subjects. All photographs/videos are naturally taken in public settings or completely authorized when in private places. Any person depicted in any of our pictures/videos may contact the us to have their image(s) removed.

AlwaysCute! presents street photography of girls in everyday life. All photos/videos presented on this website were taken under fully legal conditions. This site does not feature or promote either voyeur or hidden camera photography/filmography. The photos/videos in this site depict the beauty of the female form and they are in no way intended to be model endorsements or any other type of promotion or publicity.

AlwaysCute! contains natural, street and posed photography of young girls in everyday life. Photos/videos taken in public places such as beaches, fairs, and streets and/or private places where the subjects were fully aware and/or granted permission for these ocassions to be photographed/recorded.
No photos/videos were taken in places where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy (e.g. changing rooms, toilets)

Where and When Pictures Can be Taken:

Public Area

Street (Anytime)
Sidewalk (Anytime)
Airport (Anytime)
Beach (Anytime)
Park (Anytime)
Zoo (Anytime)
Train station (Anytime)
Bus station (Anytime)

In Medical Facilities

Hospital (Permission)
Rehab. center (Permission)
Emergency van (Permission)
Mental health center (Permission)
Doctor's office (Permission)
Clinic (Permission)

In Private

Home (If No Objections)
Porch (If No Objections)
Lawn (If No Objections)
Apartment (If No Objections)
Hotel room (If No Objections)
Car (If No Objections)

In Public School

Preschool (Anytime)
Grade school (Anytime)
High school (Anytime)
Univ. campus (Anytime)
Class in session (Permission)

Private but Open-to-the-Public

Movie theater lobby (If No Objections)
Business office (If No Objections)
Hotel lobby (If No Objections)
Restaurant (If No Objections)
Casino (Restricted)
Museum (Restricted)

In Public Area--With Restrictions

Police headquarters (Restricted)
Govt. buildings (Restricted)
Courtroom (Permission)
Prison (Permission)
Legislative chambers (Permission)

Shooting from Public Street into Private Area

Window of home (Anytime)
Porch (Anytime)
Lawn (Anytime)

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